David Cornelius is a writer, filmmaker, TV guy, and part-time human person who writes his bios in the third person.

Some movie fans may recognize his name from his decade spent as a film critic. Some TV fans may recognize his face as the host and co-creator of the cult hit Friday Night Fu. Some sports fans have no reason to recognize him.

He currently spends his days creating a wide variety of weirdness. His feature film debut, Inhumanwich!, premiered in December 2016 and is now available on DVD and VOD. He’s also busy working on short films, music videos, and other oddities under his Argo One Productions banner.

This blog essentially serves as a dumping ground for any ramblings, notions, and general weirdness that just won’t fit in a tweet or two. Some posts are fiction. Some are not. Don’t expect a regular schedule. Enjoy.

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