Fuck your guns.

The entire pro-gun argument is, “I would rather keep my gun than save a life.” Everything else is garnish.

That’s demented. That’s sociopathic. That’s eighteen unique flavors of fucked up. There’s just no accessing the moral high ground from that angle, and I’m done letting anyone slide up the hill.

So let’s stop coddling gun owners.

“Nobody’s gonna take away your guns,” we’re suppose to say to get the talking starting, as some show of good faith. Fuck that. They want to own something that kills, something where causing death is its sole purpose, and we’re supposed to meet them in the middle? Fuck. That.

Anybody who wants to keep their murder weapon needs to convince us why we should let them. That’s the starting point. That’s square one.

I’m done appeasing their paranoia and their fetishes. I’m done listening to the wet dream of the Good Guy with a Gun. I’m done trying to talk down people who believe they’re perpetually two seconds away from being a victim. I’m done hoping to reason with people so riddled with fear they think they need to pack heat when they shop for toilet paper. I’m done arguing against a twisted interpretation of a 250-year-old law. I’m done with the “but baddies will get guns anyway” argument. I’m done giving anyone who thinks thousands of people being murdered annually is an acceptable result of an idea as utterly sour as people need to own murder machines. I’m done with it all.

You want a gun? Then convince us, the unarmed, why you need one. We outnumber you three to one. We outnumber NRA members ninety-nine to one. And we’re tired of being murdered.

So make the argument good.

copyright 2017 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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