My friends are so crazy!

Oh, man, you guys. My friends are so crazy!

And when I say “crazy,” I really mean it! Theyre totally nuts, you know? Like my friend Brian. He’s a trip! The other day, he was at a stoplight and a bunch of girls pulled up next to him, and they were all singing the new Taylor Swift song, so he started singing along, too! Like, really loud! He don’t care what anyone thinks. He’s so crazy, you guys!

And my friend Stephanie! She’s totally insane! Yesterday, she took a picture of herself at the grocery store holding up two canteloupes and she posted it on Instagram with the caption “do you like my melons?” Oh em gee, you guys. She’s absolutely nuts!

And let’s not forget Tom! He’s so crazy! If he forgets to take his medicine, the voices tell him the government put a spy camera in his soap and the only way to block the signal is to set his clothes on fire while he’s still wearing them. He’s sooooo crazy!

And then there’s Mark! Every time he goes to Starbucks, he tells them his name is Lucy! That’s a girl’s name! How crazy is that, right?

Oh, man, you guys. My friends are soooooooooo crazy!

copyright 2017 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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