Stuff the apathy narrative.

Today I heard that old chestnut about how “the working people” don’t follow the news and don’t discuss politics because they have more pressing concerns, like paying bills, taking care of the family, etc.

This is horse hockey.

I work around 50 hours a week. I struggle to pay bills. I obsess over my family’s welfare. I have days where I don’t know if I’ll have enough gas to get to work, or enough groceries to last a week.

And you know what else I do? Follow the MFing news and discuss MFing politics. (Quite regularly, as anyone who follows me on social media is all too aware.)

This idea of “working people don’t care about Washington” is a scam, a lie, a cheap way to excuse political apathy. Frankly, I’d rather someone just up and say “I don’t follow politics, it’s not my bag” than get sucked into this weird class divide narrative where Honest Working Americans are somehow given a pass for intentional ignorance.

Don’t like politics? Don’t watch the news? No problem. But you gotta own it. Everything else is is a shifty trick to put down those who care, to encourage voter apathy, to present a blatantly false view of our nation.

Don’t fall for it.

copyright 2017 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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