Intolerance of intolerance is a good thing (duh).

Ah, yes, the ol’ “you liberals sure are intolerant of other opinions, stop calling people Nazis” argument.


1. No, we don’t call everybody Nazis. But when that one dude who keeps getting punched on TV is the literal leader of the literal Nazi party, I’ll call him a Nazi. And when a politician enacts actual Nazi policy, I’ll call him a Nazi, too. Even if he’s American. Especially if he’s American.

2. Because fuck Nazis.

3. If rotten names bother you but rotten policy doesn’t, ask yourself why. And if I call somebody a Nazi because he’s an actual card-carrying Nazi and you think that means I’m calling you a Nazi, too, well, you’re wrong, but while we’re here, you should really ask yourself why you’d think that.

4. I mean, look, man, fuck Nazis.

5. But to the actual point: my tolerance stops at those who wish harm on others, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, whatever. I’m seeing a whole lot of support for a whole lot of harm, and I refuse to tolerate it, and you should, too.

6. Also, fuck Nazis.

7. Intolerance of intolerance isn’t hypocritical. It’s called ain’t gonna put up with bullshit. Write it down.

8. Seriously, fuck Nazis.

So no, just because I preach peace, love, and understanding, I’m not going to roll over when somebody signs off on hate. I’m not going to stay quiet and see people hurt. I’m not going to stand aside while hate and fear reigns and souls become corroded. I’m going to not tolerate it. As should we all.

I’ll yell, I’ll scream, I’ll shout as loudly as it takes to end hate. Doubly so if someone I love signs off on hate.

And I love all y’all with every ounce of my heart. But sometimes y’all need tough love.

So if I tell you to cut out the hate, cut out the fear, and stop being a whiny bitch, that’s love, baby.

That’s love.

copyright 2017 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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