I’m not the slime.

An odd late night thought: I was thinking of Trump & Co. in terms of their lack of decency – the greed and ego and crybaby cruelty – and it struck me how infectious their negativity is. The man uses loud, brash behavior to express dominance; his team is increasingly verbally combative. The harshness, the darkness, the meanness, that stuff spreads, and I find myself reacting not only to the deeds, but the very mood of the moment. It winds me up. It agitates.

And that’s when it hit me: Donald Trump is pink slime.

You know, pink slime from Ghostbusters II. The stuff that amplifies raw emotion. Pure concentrated evil. Mood slime.

This is, of course, dangerous for me. I’m a pacifist with rage issues. (A therapist may say I’m a pacifist because of my rage issues.) I gravitate towards mental aggression. This is not healthy. Anger is good in small doses, but ultimately, anger corrodes.

So how to I combat the pink slime, keep its bad vibes from taking over? Not a clue.

Action helps. Directing that energy into something locally that can attempt to counteract real world deeds.

Stepping away helps. Shut off the noise. Decompress.

Shouting helps. Figuratively, if not literally. Speaking up online brings out those who also need to shout, and I see I’m not alone.

But sometimes nothing helps.

As we begin a strange new chapter, it’s getting harder to remember to focus on kindness and love and all that other peacenik nonsense I try to live by. The pink slime overwhelms. The anger tempts.

I have no end for this ramble. It was simply an observation, made in the dead of night, spoken aloud to remind myself to fight, but to fight with goodness as my weapon, not rage.

I expect to fail myself often. But I gotta try. Fight the slime.

I love you all.

copyright 2017 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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