A fun Facebook quiz.

First name: David
Nickname: Dave
Age: 42
Birthplace: Cincinnati
Where do you live now: Cincinnati
Married or single: married
Tattoos: 4
Favorite movie: Casablanca
Favorite album: The Wall
Favorite TV show: MASH
Favorite shoes: Chuck Taylor All-Stars
Where were you the night of October 12: At home, alone
Can anyone verify that: No
Do you know Jeff McMartin: Never heard of him
They found your business card in his pocket: I don’t know how he got it
Is this your knife: Where did you get that
Did you kill Jeff McMartin: No, man, I swear
Favorite comfort food: pizza

Post this on your wall!!! DO NOT SHARE!!!! Be sure to copy and paste!!!!!! Your friends would love to see your answers!!!!!!!!

copyright 2016 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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