E Pluribus Murder.

Here’s a bit of embarrassment from the past: my student film from 1994.

Shot and edited on 8mm, E Pluribus Murder is a fairly crummy work all around, hastily planned and poorly lit, but I must admit it had no problem achieving its main goal: to counter my classmates’ pretentious experimental fare with something that made us giggle, never mind the art. (There’s a bit near the end – you’ll know it when you see it – that’s a direct parody of another student’s work. He did not appreciate the tribute. His loss1.)

I still like some of the jokes, especially the opening shot’s reveal of the “big crowd” and the bit about what’s in the Pope’s hat. (The casting of a female Pope, meant entirely as an apolitical lark, was probably the best idea.) But then there are gags like the spy’s name that make me cringe every time. I shoulda known better.

E Pluribus Murder was transferred to VHS in 1995, then to digital in 2010. And now it’s online, because why not. Enjoy.

1As the film was screening in class and the parody bit arrived, I heard a low, smarmy cry from the back of the room: “Oh, fuck you.” It remains one of my favorite pieces of criticism.

copyright 2015 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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