About the type.

This book was set in Wauglämmer, the celebrated typeface from the German engraver Klaus Wauglamf (1823-1902).

In its structure, Wauglämmer displays the demented, often horrific qualities of a master craftsman whose talent baffled many, enraged some, nauseated a few, and gave two people the whim-whams. Most notable is the stark difference in clarity between the first five lower-case letters and the rest, which is due to Wauglamf suffering a mental breakdown while attempting to master the serifs on the letter f. He threatened five apprentices with murder before fully collapsing, after which he famously yelled “Lick me, you cretinous taint!” to his engraving kit, then crafted the rest of the typeface in sixteen minutes. The rushed, barely legible quality is a trademark feature of the font, as is Wauglamf’s decision to replace all capital letters with various crude sketches of a hand with its middle finger raised. The morning after completing the set, Wauglamf swallowed the molds for all ten numerals in a successful attempt to choke himself to death. His final words are rumored to be “I hope anyone using this font gets dick rabies.”

A slightly modified Wauglämmer Heavy was used for chapter headings.

copyright 2015 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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