Roy Hobbs, ballpark menace.

During the 1939 season, New York Knights outfielder Roy Hobbs knocked the cover off a baseball, hit balls into a scoreboard clock and a press box window, and, most infamously, smashed a homer into the lights, causing them to explode and injuring hundreds of spectators below.

The Natural

Those are the most well-known incidents, but they were hardly isolated. Here is a complete list of the other damage caused by Hobbs throughout his single season in the majors:

May 17: stabbed Phillies baseman in groin with cleats while sliding into third

May 21: threw baseball into dugout water fountain, shattered water line for entire stadium

May 25: hit line drive into popcorn vender’s ear

June 1: dropped banana peel on first base line; Knights shortstop slipped two innings later, resulting in shattered pelvis

June 24, June 26, June 27, June 28, June 30: lit umpire on fire

July 3: hit line drive into peanut vender’s ear

July 19: mistook gun for bat, shot Cardinals pitcher

July 22: hit line drive into beer vender’s ear

August 3: brought wolverine to ballpark, unleashed in stands; 73 spectators taken to hospital

date unknown: gave Dodgers catcher hepatitis C

copyright 2015 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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