Three very, very short stories.

Carpe Diem

“You only live once!”
he said

unaware of his
eight hundred fifteen
previous lives

An Apology to a Cashier
(We’ve All Been There)
(It’s Also a Haiku)
(Seriously, Just Count the Syllables)
(It Happened by Accident but I’m Cool with It)

I’m very sorry
but I must’ve left my face
in my other coat.

A Fight

You yelled at me
You said I forgot our anniversary
You threw dishes at me
You called me names
You cursed me out
You shouted at the top of your lungs
and said I never appreciate you
said I never show I care
said I’m selfish
said I’m worthless
said you’re leaving me
this time for good

In my defense
all I said was

Hi. I’d like a large mocha latte, please.

Keep the change.

copyright 2014 David Cornelius all rights reserved


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