I’m not the slime.

An odd late night thought: I was thinking of Trump & Co. in terms of their lack of decency – the greed and ego and crybaby cruelty – and it struck me how infectious their negativity is. The man uses loud, brash behavior to express dominance; his team is increasingly verbally combative. The harshness, the darkness, the meanness, that stuff spreads, and I find myself reacting not only to the deeds, but the very mood of the moment. It winds me up. It agitates. Continue reading

And now a word from the National Radioactive Cobra Association.

Hi, I’m country music super-legend Hank Narlow. You know, I’m getting sick and tired of having my Constitutional rights threatened by lily-livered liberals who think they know what’s best, and I bet you are, too. Our freedoms are under attack every day. Our freedom to worship the Lord in public. Our freedom to say what we feel without repercussion. And our freedom to bear arms. Specifically, our freedom to own radioactive cobras. Continue reading